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Understanding the fundamentals of knowing your beard texture is critical when trying to grasp the many complexities associated with taking care of your facial hair. One of the most common beard textures among men of African descent is the 4c beard.

Here at Black Beard Products, we look to shed light on how to properly groom your facial hair texture to promote growth and healthy beard grooming. After all, having a well-managed beard is a great opener to any situation, when meeting and engaging with people as an African American man. I’ve conducted extensive research to help men of color succeed in your long term beard journey.

What Are 4C Beard Hairs?

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Type 4 hair is kinky, curly and often times wiry with a “z pattern” and fragile without proper care. 4C beard hairs are naturally coarse and afro-textured upon first glance. 4C beard hair requires much more moisture than other textures under the type 4 hair spectrum. This texture is thought to take much longer to grow a full beard due to its wiry cuticles which are more prone to breakage/shrinkage. 4C beard hair has less curl definition than traditional 4A and 4B beards of looser curl patterns and requires more TLC.

Washing A 4C Beard


Your beard must be washed thoroughly at least once a week. Depending on your lifestyle, you may need to wash your beard every two or three days. From eating food to air pollution, the hair on your face will grow better when the hair follicles and the environment are clean. Do not use regular shampoos or regular shower gels for beards, as these products remove all-natural essential oils from the beard. Use a beard wash that is specially designed to clean and repair the beard. The main goal is to thoroughly clean to ensure the healthy growth of the beard.

How To Set Up an Afro Beard Care Routine

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Taking care and maintaining your beard only takes a few minutes a day. Determine your skin type and prepare a beard care schedule. Regardless of your skin type, you must clean your skin every day and moisten your beard and face. If possible, take a facial treatment once a month to keep your skin hydrated and exfoliating and prevent hair ingrown; the typical problem of African American facial hair, usually curls. Also make sure your diet is healthy, rich in protein, B vitamins, and other nutrients needed for healthy hair. Also, ensure adequate sleep and follow a training program to overcome stress.

Have Patience

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The average growth rate of the beard is 1?2 inches per month. The hair follicle needs to be stimulated, the growth pattern must be formed and it takes time. In the beginning, you may notice that the specific area of ??the beard looks uneven or thicker than other areas. You can even feel the itchy beard, which is completely normal. Let it stand and let it grow. The thick beautiful beard does not happen at night. This is a process: you must understand and trust it. Follow the instructions below for the first 6 weeks.

Trimming your Afro Beard Frequently

If you cut it irregularly, you may have a split end, making your beard less soft and harder to manage. If you know you can’t go to the hairdresser every week, buy the best electric shaver for black men. Do not use poor quality scissors, only the ends of the opening will deteriorate. Note: if you use a beard all over again, do not cut yourself in the first 4 weeks. It takes time to grow!

Don’t neglect the skin underneath your beard

Just because you can?t see it, doesn?t mean it doesn?t need care. The secret to a great beard is a solid foundation. The hair on the face absorbs moisture from the skin, sometimes the hair dries out and causes dandruff on the beard. It is important to set up a daily skincare routine when brushing your beard. So even if you decide to shave your beard one day, your skin will be soft and healthy. To keep your skin healthy, make sure that:

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