Best Beard Styles for 2023

Top Beard Styles for 2023

Whether you want to stand out or blend in, there is a beard style for you and your face! From conservative and understated to edgy and bold,  these days beard styles are a creative way to show personality and individualism in today’s world. 

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Based on current research and trends, this article contains a well-crafted list of the best beard styles in 2023. The abundance of style ideas listed assures that every individual, regardless of age, income status, or lifestyle, has options to choose from in his day-to-day life.


Choosing a beard style is not a one-time endeavor. Depending on the speed at which your hair grows, you may choose a new beard style on a weekly basis, or perhaps even more frequently. For some, the way in which they wear their beard is a way to make their presence known.

For others, they may want to establish normalcy and a toned-down appearance. While beard styling has come a long way and has introduced more and more options, it is still a tried-and-true way to express oneself to the world. Keep reading to learn more about your beard options and how these options may represent you.


How to Choose the Right Beard Styles?

Goatees, Mustaches: Beard Styles for Black Men Photos 2022

Before you even pick up the clippers or razor blade, you must first decide what you are hoping to portray to those around you. Some questions to keep in mind are what your employer expects to see represented, what your significant other may feel, what haircut do you have, and what message you would like to send about your individual personality. Once you have answered these questions for yourself, you are ready to start your journey in the exploration of all the latest black men beard styles offered. 



manage beard

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a beard style is how much time you must devote to caring for your facial hair. This can be a decisive factor for those who may not want to spend a large amount of time on a regular basis on this chore. Within each beard style that is discussed, we will take great beard to also mention how much maintenance will come into play. This will help you discover what options are best for you.


Facial Highlights or Distinguishable Marks

The Ducktail beard styles for black men


Something that may be in consideration when choosing the right beard style for you is what you like about your face or what you might want to cover up. For example, a man with poignant dimples may want to showcase these and would therefore want to choose a black men’s beard styles that does not cover them. Another example to consider would be a man who may not be entirely happy with a mark on his upper cheek. This man may purposefully seek out a beard style that helps him cover this.

Whatever your reasoning, we all have our own preferences and ideas for our own appearance. Beard styling allows for you to follow your own unique path of how you’d like your face shown to others. This is one area that you can consider when choosing the right style for you.


Top Beard Styles for Black Men In Business

The Professional

The typical black man in business must portray a certain image. A man’s face is part of this portrayal and therefore the style of beard that is chosen must be carefully thought-through and curated to depict the ideal representation. Likewise, the caring of the beard also matters, as the maintenance and cleaner aspects of the beard can and will make an impression.

Manicured and Short Beard

A well-trimmed, shorter beard offers a classic and professional balance of self-expression and a business-savvy appearance. The straight lines below the cheekbones add a chic and beautiful contrast to the face, while the closeness of the cut offers a cleanliness aspect. This beard is perfect for those men looking to maintain some freedom in facial expression while also wanting to remain on top of their journey up the corporate ladder. It’s understated and clean, while still adding personality. While this is a style you would have to maintain with regular trimmings, possibly even daily, it is certainly a crowd-pleaser in the professional space and can be considered well worth the extra effort.


Low and Bold

The French beard beard styles for black men

If you’re looking to make more of a statement with your facial hair, the low and bold cut may be the right choice for you. This cut is quite similar to the manicured and short beard, yet it pushes the boundaries with a lower and more dramatic cut just above the jawline on each side of the face. This beard style is perfect for the black man looking to make a strong impression in the workplace and within his personal life. The serious and bold nature of this beard makes a clear statement about the man’s personality, pushing a narrative of his drive and motivation to succeed.

This cut also requires regular maintenance but is slightly less time-consuming than the manicured and short beard style. The most important aspect to take great care of is the sharp line that defines the beard.


Just Barely

The Barely there beard styles for black men

For the man who wants a sense of ease and smoothness to his life: the five o’clock beard style allows for a slight statement of calmness in an otherwise chaotic world. This particular style is easy to maintain and doesn’t need detail-oriented beard care on a regular basis. It’s the perfect mixture of showing the adult nature of the man’s face while also representing the tranquil personality that lies beneath it. This can be handsomely portrayed for those seeking a peaceful outward appearance or expertly shown on a man who is busy with life and work. For a beard style to be as popular as this one is, you can be sure that it is a well-loved statement on nearly any man’s face, regardless of age.



Still highly represented among black men in various settings, the goatee has always been a popular choice in the business world. Within this style, facial hair is found on the chin, but not on the cheeks. The style is classic and offers an old-fashioned appeal to a man’s face. The lines to the hair could be bold and straight, or less manicured and free. The goatee is one style that can be dealt with in a classic look or can be changed to fit the individual’s personality or facial features. There is so much variability with this look that it can appear vastly different depending on the man who wears it. Maintaining this cut is dependent on how you style it yourself and therefore can be a daily trim or just the occasional spruce up. Have fun with the options and play around with different black men’s beard styles to find what is right for you!