Best African American Shaving Products: Razors, Bumps & Creams

In this post, we will outline the best African American shaving products and great tips for successful facial hair care. Coarse, tightly curled hairs make regular razors a nightmare and cause tons of razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Even the most careful shaver will probably end up with problems if he’s not shaving the right way and using the right products.

That’s where we come in. We’re here to give you the best techniques and products to make your shave successful and stave off those pesky bumps.

Shaving well and without serious consequences requires a combination of the right habits and the right tools, as well as going the extra mile when it comes to the shaving process.


The Best Way for a Black Man to Shave

Best African American Shaving Products: Razors, Bumps & Creams 1

This isn’t just the proper way for an African-American man to shave; in all honesty, this is the best way for any man to shave. However, proper shaving technique is especially important for black men, who are more prone to ingrown hairs. Prepare yourself to take more than just five minutes for a quick, casual shave; this process requires some time and effort to do correctly.

1. Start with Warm Water

warm water

The first thing you want to do is prep your skin with warm water. You can do this by washing your face or taking a shower. This step is critically important because it prepares your hair and skin for the shave. Warm water softens up your hair and skin and makes them more pliable, meaning you’re less likely to meet resistance and pull on or scrape hairs.

2. Exfoliate


Next, take some me time and exfoliate your skin. That?s right, it?s not just for women men, especially African-American men, should exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and clear out pores. This keeps your pores from getting clogged and causing zits or buildup. The best African American shaving products have a combination of chemicals and exfoliating beads to scrub away dirt and cells.

3. Oil Up


Once your skin is nice and clean, apply shaving oil to further soften your hair and skin. This also helps the razor slide more easily over your hair and prevents tugging and uneven cutting, which is what causes irritation like razor burn and razor bumps.


4. Finding The Best Shaving Cream for African Americans

shaving cream

In addition to the shaving oil, apply a shaving cream liberally to your beard to help with the smoothness of the shave. It may seem a little redundant, but you should never skip out on shaving cream and try a dry shave. It’s a recipe for disaster for those with curly hair or sensitive skin, as the lack of lubricant can cause serious problems with irritation. Skip this step only if you’re using an electric razor rather than a manual one.

5. Shave Right

black men shave

Now you’re ready to shave! The best razor to use is a straight razor or safety razor because fewer blades provide a cleaner cut. They also tend to cut above the skin line, which is vital to preventing ingrown hairs, which cause razor bumps. Electric razors are also good for this, as they leave some stubble. (On black men, unlike men with lighter skin tones, this stubble is usually not noticeable, so don?t worry.)

Never shave against the grain, or the direction that your hair grows. Either shave with the grain or if you want a closer cut, across it. Shaving against the grain irritates the skin and pulls on hairs, which is the source of many of your shaving issues.


6. Moisturize


You’re still not done now it’s time to moisturize. Get a quality facial lotion (not a body lotion) and apply it to your face after you?ve washed up. This will restore all the oils that we’re removed by the shaving process and keep your skin from getting dry and irritated. It’s tempting to skip this step, but definitely don’t – you?ll see a difference in the comfort and quality of your skin.

You’re done! Using this process is absolutely going to change the way you shave and think about shaving. Does it take longer than slapping on shaving cream and diving in. For sure. But especially for those with curly hair and sensitive skin, it?s worth the extra time and effort to ensure your comfort and a better look.

The Bevel Shave System

Bevel Shave kit

What is the Bevel Shave System: It’s a line of African American Shaving Products designed specifically for men of color to improve their shaving experience. The Bevel Shave System takes you through the whole process from prepping to finishing up to give you the best shave possible.

You start out with their Priming Oil to prepare and lubricate your skin. Next, apply the Shave Cream with the included Shave Brush to work the cream into your hair and skin. This gets you all ready to shave with their single-blade Safety Razor, which prevents irritation and provides a smooth, comfortable shave. Finish up by rinsing off and then applying their Restoring Balm to nourish your skin and prevent the usual razor sting.

This product line embodies the most important elements of shaving and gives you all the tools you need for the proper shave. They include an instruction video on their website to help you through the process of shaving if you’re not used to the more involved process.

What Are Razor Bumps?

what are razor bumps

Razor bumps are caused by ingrown hairs that have swollen and caused irritation under the skin. When you shave too close because you’re using a multi-blade razor or pressing too hard against your skin, you run the risk of cutting the hairs beneath the skin line. This is especially bad for those with curly hair, as it?s very likely the hair will grow back curled and dig into the skin.

Once the hair has begun to curl into the skin, it causes irritation and sometimes buildup of pus-like a zit. These can cause the area to swell and create a bump, a.k.a. razor bumps. This is more likely if you shave at an angle, which causes your hair to have pointed or sharp edges, making it easier for the hair to penetrate the skin.

Pseudofolliculitis barbae is the scientific name for razor bumps, and it?s no question that black men deal

with it more frequently than most other men. Up to 60% of black men deal with ingrown hairs, according to the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, compared to only 3% of white men.

Many factors cause razor bumps, which can persist for weeks, especially if you continue to shave and irritate them. These factors can include dry shaving, shaving too close, and shaving at an angle that causes your hair to have sharp edges.

Best Razor Bump Treatment for African Americans

Many men end up with razor bumps on their necks due to the way they shave. Improper shaving technique coupled with bad razors causes razor bumps to show up shortly after shaving. This is especially common on the neck but can occur anywhere on the face that you shave.

The biggest cause of razor bumps is shaving too close and against the grain. The instinct of most men is to shave up from the neck in order to get a close shave, but what you really should be doing is finding the direction your hair grows in and shaving with it to avoid tugging and irritation. This often means that you should actually be shaving down the neck rather than up.

Preventing razor bumps is the best course of action, which you can do by using a shaving system like the Bevel Shave System and treating your skin properly. However, if you already have razor bumps or still develop them due to sensitive skin, the best thing to do is to leave them alone. Definitely don’t keep shaving, and instead, let your hair grow out for a few weeks and allow the razor bumps to heal.

Shaving over your razor bumps is the worst thing you can do, as this will further irritate them and cause extra problems. You both irritate the bumps themselves by shaving over the rough surface, and you also cut any hairs that have grown beyond the surface, causing them to go back under the skin and create irritation. it’s worth the patience to simply let them heal over time and then improve your shaving habits in the future.

How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps on the Back of Your Head

razor bumps treatment

If you regularly shave your head, you’re likely to get razor bumps there, especially in the back of your head. Why Because you can?t see the back of your head, your shave is more likely to be rougher and less smooth due to the lack of visibility. You also may shave at an odd angle because of the shape of your head and having to reach behind you.

Again, prevention is the best medicine. Use a sharper razor that doesn?t cut below the skin line to help prevent razor bumps, and do your best not to apply pressure or shave against the grain. You should be extra mindful and take more time as you?re shaving the back of your head due to these difficulties.

If you have razor bumps and want to get rid of them quickly, you can try aloe to soothe the skin. This isn?t guaranteed to work due to the nature of the infection, but it can soothe the irritation caused by the ingrown hairs and help with the size of the bumps. You?ll still need to wait for the hairs to sort themselves out, during which time you should avoid shaving the area.

You can also try a hot compress to open up your pores and follicles and free the trapped hairs. It also increases blood flow, which eases pain and speeds up healing. This can be a more effective solution than simply treating the symptom of irritation. Lay face down and apply the hot compress to the back of your head. You or someone else should hold the compress down gently to apply the heat for about 20 minutes at a time.

The Best Razor for Black Men with Sensitive Skin


Any razor with one blade is going to be better than razors with multiple blades, as more blades irritate your skin and cause a rougher shave. In general, go for straight razors or safety razors if you want a manual shave. These have single blades that will give you a more comfortable, smoother shave than multi-blade razors.

Our pick for the best razor is the Heavyweight All-Metal Bump Fighter, which has an all-metal head and a rubber grip. The heavier weight of the razor helps you shave easier without applying pressure, and the specialty blade helps prevent bumps and irritation. This safety razor comes in a pack with five extra blades, which you should change out every 5-10 shaves to prevent tugging and nicking.

Our second pick is the Parker Vintage Butterfly Safety Razor 99R. This safety razor is endorsed by multiple reputable mens magazines like Men?s Health and GQ. The longer handle and single blade provide a safe, smooth shave and prevent slip-ups. It also has a twist to open system that allows for safe insertion of razor blades.

The Best Electric Shaver for Black Men with Sensitive Skin

The Best Electric Shaver for Black Men with Sensitive Skin

While it may seem counterintuitive, an electric razor is actually a great option for men with sensitive skin or who are prone to razor bumps. Electric razors don’t provide as close a shave and usually leave a little bit of stubble, which eliminates the source of razor bumps (cutting hairs beneath the skin line). You may be worried at the prospect of leaving stubble, but on men with darker skin tones, it’s usually unnoticeable.

Our top pick for an electric razor for sensitive skin is the Braun Series 9. Yes, this is a more expensive razor, but you?re going to get a ridiculous amount of use out of the hardy, keen blades. It’s specifically designed for thick hair and sensitive skin, and it provides a clean and safe shave by capturing more hair on the first pass so you don’t have to go back over your skin. The blade is made of titanium and uses micro-vibrations to cut the hair. It also comes with a travel case and charging station.

Don’t forget to go through the proper shaving procedure even with an electric razor. You may think that because it’s a different type of shave you can take shortcuts, but this isn’t the case. Don?t use shaving cream, but don’t forget to wash and oil your face before shaving and wash and moisturize after.

The Best Shaving Cream for Black Men


If you’re using a manual razor, shaving cream is a key component in the shaving process. It raises and lubricates the hairs to allow for a cleaner, better shave. Picking a good quality shaving cream is important because you don’t want a product that dries out or irritates your skin.

We highly recommend the Frederick Benjamin line of products, especially their Shaving Regimen Kit which includes a smooth shaving gel with aloe to soothe your skin. It’s actually an alternative to shaving cream, so it doesn’t foam or lather the way cream does. This gel provides an incredibly smooth shave, even for people with sensitive skin.

If you’re looking for more traditional shaving cream, the Grooming Lounge Beard Destroyer Shave Cream is a regular lathering cream that helps with sensitive skin. You only need a small amount of the cream, so the 5oz bottle lasts quite a long time. It also moisturizes your skin as it sits, helping to soothe and prevent dryness and razor burn.

The Best Face Care Products for Black Men

face care

Facial care products are an important part of the shaving process, and health-conscious men should recognize that skincare isn?t just for women anymore. You should be using an exfoliator or face scrub before shaving and a moisturizer after, even if your shaving cream or oil has moisturizing properties.

Ajuven Botanical products are great options when it comes to facial scrubs and moisturizers. You don’t have to limit yourself to using these when you shave; on off days, feel free to exfoliate and moisturize anyway to help preserve your skin’s healthy glow.

The Ajuven Botanical Facial Scrub Creme is perfect for exfoliating before shaving as well as cleaning your skin of oils. It’s important to prep your skin properly, and this facial scrub is perfect for sensitive and delicate skin that’s easily irritated by typical drug store products. The scrub has natural ingredients like coconut and jojoba to help rejuvenate your skin as you scrub.

The last step in any shaving session should be to moisturize. This is the step that’s most tempting to skip, especially if you’re in a hurry, but it?s one of the most important. The Ajuven Botanical Facial Moisturizer uses jojoba oil to rehydrate dry skin and provide the correct balance of oils. It can help balance out the oil composition of both oily and dry faces, and it’s especially soothing after the drying process of shaving.


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