Everything You Need To Know About Beijing Beard Dye for Black Men

Everything You Need To Know About Bigen Beard Dye

How to apply Beijing Beard Dye for Black Men

Now when you have made up your mind to color your beard and dye your bead for the first time then you will have to make a few preparations before applying Bigen beard dye. During this preparation process, you should first of all check the safety of the Bigen dye for your skin and beard by applying it on an invisible part of your beard. If no adverse reaction like irritation or inflammation in your beard is experienced then you can apply it on your entire beard, sideburns, and mustache.

When you are trying to know about the Bigen beard dye then you must, first of all, know what the dye for Bigen beard is. The information provided in this write-up will let you know what is Bigen beard dye and how it is used.

What is Bigen Beard Dye?

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Bigen beard dye is a user-friendly dye introduced by HOYU, a Japanese premier hair coloring company, which is producing as well as supplying a line of hair coloring products for over a century in over 70 countries throughout the world. The company has completed its century in 2005 and is continuing to color the hearts? of men and women all over the world. Now they have introduced Bigen dye beard line up to dye the graying beards of black men. This black men beard dye can give their bread a natural black color.

Bigen dye beard in a safe and natural manner as it neither contains ammonia or any other harmful chemical nor it drips as the creams found in its package adhere to your beard perfectly. This black men beard dye contains olive oil and taurine to make it highly effective and safe for their beard. You can observe the difference in the looks of your beard by comparing Bigen beard before and after its use. Bigen dye for the beard is available in three shades including Natural Black, Brown Black and Dark Brown, from which you can choose according to your suitability.


How long does Bigen beard dye last?

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The persistence of the effect of Bigen beard dye on your beard can depend on many factors like your frequency to wash your face, the type of your hair and the environment in which you live and work. Normally hair dyes persist for 30-40 days but the color of Bigen dye bread can last up to 2 months if cared for properly. With one pack of Bigen beard dye, you can dye your beard, sideburns, and mustache two times only.

How long do you leave Bigen beard dye in?

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The longer you leave it in the darker the hair will be. 5-10 minutes is enough time for the Bigen beard dye to work on your beard, sideburns, and mustache and change their color naturally. Bigen beard is an effective beard coloring solution as it colors your beard for at least 1-2 months. Moreover, it does not cause any uncomfortable situation for its users as does not contain any harmful chemical.

What do you get in the pack of Bigen beard dye?

inside What do you get in the pack of Bigen beard dye?

The pack of Bigen dye beard includes a tube of cream colorant, a tube of cream developer, an applicator comb, a pair of gloves, a tray and an instruction leaflet.


Precautions while applying Bigen beard dye

But before applying the beard dye you should take some precautions like:

  • Do not take shower before dyeing your beard because it will help your beard to absorb the dye more efficiently as the presence of natural oils in your beard can be helpful in this regard as well as preventing irritation on the skin.
  • You should wear an old shirt that is not in use before applying beard dye. You should never dye your beard shirtless as after coming in contact with beard dye your skin can get stained which may need additional effort to remove.
  • If you are dyeing your beard for the first time then you should avoid it if an important event of your life is near like a job interview or photographing for your wedding etc. You should dye your beard a few days prior to the event so that your beard looks more natural.
  • You should wear latex gloves on your hands to protect them from the stains of Bigen dye. The beard dye can easily stain your skin when it comes in contact with it.
  • You should also have a paper or junk towel near you while dyeing your beard. You should spread it on the porcelain sink as well as counter to protect them from the stains of the dye flicking out of your beard while applying it.
  • You should also have a color treatment shampoo near you while dyeing your beard with Bigen dye beard line up. It can extend to the life of the dye on your beard for at least 1-2 weeks.

You will have to take all these precautions while preparing to dye your beard every time as they will help in dyeing your bread perfectly without staining your skin as well as the surroundings. Now is the time to dye your beard with Bigen dye beard by mixing both the creams.

How to mix and use Bigen beard dye?

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  • Before mixing the Bigen beard dye for men you should choose the shade that closely matches or lighter to the color of your beard.
  • After choosing the right shade you should take out two tubes from the pack including a tube of base color and the other of the color developer which acts as a filer to thicken the solution.
  • Now you can use the tray provided in the pack to mix both the ingredients in equal quantity with the help of the applicator comb. But do not use its bristles for this purpose.
  • Now use the applicator comb from bristle side to start applying the mixture on your chin as it is most difficult to dye beard on the chin. While dyeing sideburns and mustaches you should use the flat part of the applicator comb.
  • Now rinse the beard and mustache after waiting for 10 minutes with lukewarm water.
  • Now shampoo your beard well to extend the life of dye on it.
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    Unfortunately I’m allergic. I’d be willing to pay double if I found a permanent dye that doesn’t burn my shit.

    • Jan says:

      I used to have the same problem. I tried just for men and Bigen . Both with the same result.
      I consulted with a lady who works at a beauty shop and she told me to use Wella Semi Permanent products
      I use WELLA COLORCHARM 1N for black (I am a black person) and I had no problem with it

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