The Benefits of Supporting Black Owned Beard Companies

The Benefits of Supporting Black Owned Beard Companies 2022

Back men are starting to realize that black-owned is better. There are many black-owned companies with products for  hair and black skin.  But what about facial hair?

This article will explore why black people need to use black-owned beard care products in the upcoming year of 2022.

I’m not saying all African dependents must be bearded, or they have to grow a full beard  (although more power to you if you want to). The main reason why I want black people to start using black manufactured or black marketed products is that during slavery or even the post-slavery/pre-civil rights era, the only facial grooming tool available was razors. means slaves couldn’t have any facial hair. Since black people have black facial hair, black men were seen as not being “mature” or “white” if they had a beard.

In the black community now, black women are starting to grow out their afros and natural locks. Black women are wearing their natural kinks and coils instead of chemically processing their hair with pressed, weaves, wigs, or braids to look more appealing to white society’s standards of beauty or fit in.

Why Should You Support Black Owned Beard Product Companies?

This is the question we should all be asking ourselves in 2022. black-owned beard product companies are a rarity, but they do exist. If African people don’t support these businesses, they will eventually go out of business. This is what happened to black-owned barbershops and why we have to support African American hair extensions websites.

The reason I stressed that many black hair care companies should focus on the black community as their target market. These companies typically have better products for black hair since they understand the unique needs. black

hair has a different chemical compound than white hair. African lack hair is more dry and brittle than the soft, fine hairs on white people’s heads. black women typically have longer and healthier natural hair than white women who often use weaves or extensions to achieve their desired length and volume.

So, let’s all pledge to start using black-owned beard care products in 2022! It’s not only good for our community, but it’s also good for hair! Thanks for reading! 🙂



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