How to Deal With a Dry Beard

Having a dry beard can be very irritating, as the skin underneath becomes itchy and dehydrated. Thankfully, there are multiple things that you can do to combat this unpleasant sensation. Let’s look at some of these potential solutions.

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Why Is My Beard So Dry And Brittle?

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This is a common question asked by people with a dry beard. There are multiple reasons why the skin under the beard might dry out. For example, you might be using soaps to clean your beard. While this will keep your beard looking great, the soaps contain oils. These oils dry out the skin under the beard. Water might struggle to penetrate through the beard, so the skin will remain dehydrated. Also, during colder temperatures, the skin tends to dry out easier. In addition, avoid using a hairdryer on your beard. This will remove water from the hair, causing more split ends to occur. Thankfully, there are multiple ways on how to deal with a dry beard.

What To Do About Dry Skin In Beard?

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You should make sure to wash and exfoliate your face regularly. When doing this, try to find products specifically designed for people with beards. Often, natural soaps are the best for the skin as they don?t contain oils that will dry your skin. You might also like to try using a facial cleanser. This is designed to both clean and moisturize your face. In addition, you might want to try using an exfoliator. This can be either a glove or a brush. This will help you remove any old dried skin. This will also decrease the amount of dandruff that you experience. Finally, you can use cold water. Warmer water can remove more natural oils from the skin, causing it to become drier. You should also make sure to keep your beard well hydrated.

How To Hydrate A Dry Beard

What To Do About Dry Skin In Beard?

There are multiple effective ways of hydrating your beard. This will remove many of the problems associated with having a dry beard, keeping your hair looking great. First, you should try using some beard oil. This will add moisture to the beard and stop it from drying out. When selecting your beard oil, make sure to find one that uses natural ingredients. This will ensure that it?s safe for your beard. There are also special shampoos and conditioners that have been designed for beards. This will add moisture to the beard and won?t remove any natural oils. Finally, style your beard using special beard balm. This will allow you to moisturize your hair, while you style it.


Dry beard is a common problem. The skin under the beard might not be getting enough moisture, causing it to become irritated. In addition, you might be removing natural oils from your beard by using the wrong products. We discussed some of the ways you can solve both these problems. So, take care of your beard to keep it looking and feeling great.



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