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Best African American Beard Grooming Secrets

How To Keep Scraggly African Americans Beards Presentable

African American beard grooming has become a fast trending fashion for black men. However, it takes a lot of care to keep your beard flawless like what you see in the magazine covers. Growing a beard comes with many challenges. And because of the course and curly texture, it can be harder to groom.

Wash your beard

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A general rule of thumb is to wash your beard at least once a week. Depending on your lifestyle, you can wash every two or three days. Facial hair grows best when the hair follicles are clean. But there’s a caveat to this rule. You should never wash your beard with the regular shampoo or body wash. These products rob the beard of the natural oils. Also, avoid products with harsh chemicals. To be on the safe side, you should use growth products specifically designed to condition the beard. When you deep clean the hair, you maintain healthy beard growth.


Moisturize your beard

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A black man?s beard requires special attention. Since the oil glands in the face may not generate more oil, you should use natural beard oil. It will help to keep the beard soft and hydrated the whole day. Sometimes, finding the perfect oil comes as a challenge. The truth is, black hair can be difficult to tame. When you choose the best oils, you can be sure your beard will be a well-conditioned 4c beard. Look for beard oils crafted with pure essential oils. Other than that, be sure any fragrance added in the oil is all-natural. Avoid fragrance oils with undisclosed ingredients as they can do more harm than good. Here are some of the oils you should add to your beauty regimen include:


  1. Maracuja oil and Sheer Butter


Sheer butter is a natural oil that helps you achieve a conditioned, softened, and stylish facial hair. When it?s infused with Maracuja oil, it gives maximum hydration to your beard. What?s more, it consists of essential acids that work as a brightening agent. If your beard appears dull and lifeless, you should apply once a day to keep it healthier and shinier.


  1. Premium Unscented beard oil

This oil restores moisture to a lifeless beard. It keeps scraggly beards presentable, treats split ends, gets rid of irritation, and eliminates flakiness of the skin. Besides that, it promotes healthier beard growth. Unlike other products in the market, the unscented beard oil produces results in the first application.


  1. Bossman essentials beard oil, conditioner, and balm


The beard kit includes jelly beard oil, conditioner cream, and a beard balm for black men. It replenishes dry facial pores and stimulates the growth of hair. Apart from that, the oil nourishes the beard and increases viscosity. But what makes this product stack up among the competition is the fact that it forms a better bond with the follicles. And if your beard itches, this oil will provide lasting results.


  1. Beard Grooming for Men Care (Unscented beard oil)


The unscented beard oil includes a wooden comb to minimize friction which is common in the plastic counterparts. Because this oil is made specifically for black men, it moisturizes the beard without leaving traces. Another notable feature is that the oil contains fatty acids that keep the beard healthy.


  1. Jack Black Beard Oil


It consists of a blend of organic oils that also work as potent vitamins. Being a hydrating agent, it softens the beard and prevents loss of hair. Furthermore, fatty acids promote a healthier shine. Because this product is manufactured with pure science, the botanical and essential oils work together to perform the conditioning function.


In addition to using the above products, you should choose the right comb. It should be smooth and should not tag your hair. If you have to use a brush, use the one with soft bristles.


How To Shape African American Beards

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If you’ve decided to grow a beard, you want to stay ahead of the game with the trendiest styles. They offer a unique inspiration and help you to push beyond boundaries. Before you grab your trimmer or razor, be sure of the image you want to portray. There are many beard styles to suit different face shapes. Some of the popular African American beard styles include full beard, mustache, goatee, van dyke, and more. When the haircut harmonizes the face, you?ll look hot, sexy, and stylish. Here are ways to shape African American beards.



The full beard

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This is a popular beard trend for black men. It’s a classic style but has been making a resurgence in recent years. Regardless of the hair growth pattern, this shape will suit almost every face. This beard cut can also fit men who love vintage styles. Another advantage of this style is that you can choose the cut that blends with your personality.


The Goatee

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This style is suitable for black guys with a round face. To get the most from this cut, you should incorporate it into a mustache. The shape of the goatee style is oval/slightly rounded. It surrounds the mouth and the chin.


The Five O’clock Beard

This beard shape makes a black man irresistible to women (Why Women Love Black Men with Beards?). As the name suggests, it gives the appearance of a 5-o’clock shadow. But you should not be fooled by the laid back look – it requires some serious maintenance. For instance, the check area should be shaved every day. Be sure to apply natural beard oil to maintain that relaxed cool appearance.


The short beard

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It embraces the whole face and is appealing to African- American communities. On the surface, it may appear like black men may not pull off a short beard. However, the beard blends well with the skin color and gives a unique look. How do you grow the short beard? Well, you should let it grow for 3-4 days to go past the sloppy stage. And once it grows for a week or more, it will become symmetrical.


The carved beard

This style allows black men to express their unique personalities. It features perfectly- shaped contours but requires some skills to master. A razor or trimmer is used to sculpt the mustache, neck, and cheekbones. You should be prepared to work on the beard every day to maintain the look. The carved beard is suited for men with dense beard.


Soul Patch

Perhaps, this is the simplest type when it comes to African American beards. It appears like a variation of a goatee. Soul Patch creates a chin strap and will surely command your attention.


A beard is the ultimate sign of pride for a man. It comes in all shapes, strengths, and sizes. If you want to make your beard presentable, you should take care of it. Of course, you should use the above oils and choose the best cut to bring out your signature look.



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