Best Solutions For The Patchy Bearded Black Man

patchy beard black man

The first thing to consider for the patchy bearded black man is self-care. Self-care is vital in every aspect of our lives, and if not correctly handled, it will affect your hair growth and mental/physical wellness. Below, We are gurus at preserving melanin and can have your beard and hair looking healthy and clean cut. Find out about the growth and solving common black man beard problems.


18 Ways To Stimulate Facial Hair Growth Naturally

  • Food Diet & Vitamins: Depending on the food you eat regularly, it can affect your hair follicles and clog your pores. You could be lacking the right vitamins in your body that help keep every part of your body healthy and growing.
  • Consider eating more products that contain Zinc, Iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Iron, & Protein. These vitamins can be found in foods such as Carrots, Eggs, Oats, Fruits, Almonds, Avocados & Sweet Potatoes.
  • Also, consider buying some vitamins like Biotin to take daily. These will all help hair skin and nails as well as keeping your insides smiling and cleansed.
  • Avoid greasy or processed foods that can damage your internal and external health. This can include fast food, snacks, dairy, meat, and GMO filled meals. These hazardous foods cause acne, excessive sweating, and pungent body odor.
  • Detox & Exercise: As high as it always sounds to make healthy food choices, sometimes we fall off and indulge in the deliciously dangerous foods, and that’s all right! Something you can do to cleanse your body of all of the mess is to detox.
  • Drinking some detox teas from the store or trying a water fast for a day or longer. Fasting and detox is a proven ability to boost proteins in the body, which helps with hair growth; you will also feel refreshed mentally and physically A delicious fruit that helps clear out the body and hydrate hair is Watermelon. It is high in Vitamin C which produces collagen.
  • Collagens enrich hair and nails. Do not take watermelon supplements, it will cause diarrhea, lower potassium levels and hyperkalemia (Irregular heartbeat).
  • Exercising is always beneficial in your life and should be continuous. It can keep your body toned, healthy, and improve blood circulation throughout the body.
  • Start with taking daily walks or runs, joining a sport or start hitting up the gym. Sweat out all of the built-up grease and fat to get a clear flow through the body. The steam room or a hot shower is a nice place to relax and sweat out your pores.
  • Skin Care & Washing & Conditioning: Remember to take care of your skin with a daily regimen CONTINUOUSLY. Keep your pores unclogged and remove dead skin cells to enrich new growth.
  • Witch Hazel is a perfect remedy for clearing your skin from all of the dirt.
  • When it comes to shampooing and conditioning your beard, ALWAYS avoid products that contain chemicals. Melanin skin should always be cared for with natural recipes from the earth.
  • There are beard specific?brands that can be used but read the ingredients!
  • Find the ebony section in your local corporate store or any black-owned store that accustoms to black beauty ? avoiding washing your beard too much because it can cause dryness and result in hair breakage.
  • The recommended amount is every 2 – 3 days. Here are some chemicals you must Avoid when using shampoo and conditioner: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS). Cocamidopropyl Betaine. Triclosan. Polysorbates. Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)
  • Carrier Oils & Essential Oils: Keeping your beard moisturized through this journey is also very important; it will help beard growth and keep it looking full.
  • Carrier Oils are base oils that will lock in the moisture and heal the follicles.
  • These oils can consist of Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, Olive Oil & Coconut Oil. It can be used individually, or you can add essential oils to it to soothe irritation, rid infections, and give a delightful smell.


Emotional Health Considerations

I know how irritating it is to have to wait for the results that we are looking for, but it is worth it in the long run.

These steps are essential if you want to rid your beard of patches and keep a healthy growth. You will be grateful in the end! Patience is rewarded with long term health and happiness.

Trust the process and the journey you are on and train your mind to be humble and wait for the right outcome; this goes for everything in life!

Let your hair grow naturally on its own without tampering with it negatively. Continue to use a facial and hair regimen to keep everything intact and watch the patches grow into a full-length beard.

These are some remedies that will heal both problems: Aloe Vera & Cucumber will fight infections and irritation caused by shaving and heal wounds. Coconut, Tea Tree & Olive Oil reduces the bacteria and can be added to sugar for an exfoliating scrub; it also helps remove and prevent ingrown hairs.

how to fix patchy beards for african americans

  • Alcohol or Witch Hazel are also good alternatives that will clear bacteria and reduce redness.
  • It is not recommended to pluck ingrown hairs if you decide to do so use a Warm or Cold Press beforehand and apply one of the above remedies after. Never squeeze your razor bumps and ingrown hairs; this will cause scarring, irritation, and infections.
  • Mental Health: Our mental health and capacity are critical to pay attention to and nourish daily. Life can become stressful, which can cause anxiety and depression; this can lead to hair loss, tense muscles, feelings of constant drowsiness, and despair.
  • Keep your brain sharp by challenging yourself with new projects each day and remembering to take some time out for yourself to take a deep breath and relax.
  • Meditation is a sure way to clear your mind and help relax those tense emotions and muscles. Don’t be afraid to contact a therapist or consoler to help as well; it will be a life long healing that will change your life.
  • Treat yourself to a night out with friends or a loved one or go on vacation. Remember, you deserve to care about yourself and water your flowers.
  • Understand Yourself: As a black man, you must strive to learn the right ways to take care of your skin. Melanin skin requires high maintenance that can not be neglected. Begin testing out different natural products and remedies to find the product you enjoy.
  • Skin is sensitive, so do not apply too many different products to your beard; this can cause build up in pores and irritation.
  • Do not be intimidated about other people’s progress and growth; everyone is different and has their journey to walk. Continue to work on yourself and stay confident through any stage of life, even in dark times.
  • No one will have your back as you do, so STAY POSITIVE and grind for greatness.
  • Love Yourself: Love all of your flaws, shortcomings, and awkwardness like your backbone. Own who you are and embrace the fact you are a just a human that is trying to make it through the works just like the rest of us.
  • Stay true to yourself through all of the media hype and negative thoughts that may be surrounding your head. There’s no such thing as a life that’s better than yours. Continue to improve yourself, promote love and happiness and life, and share your experience and knowledge with the world.


Try taking before and after pictures of your journey to encourage you to push on and achieve a healthy-looking beard.

Look back on yourself after a month and see the improvements to your skin and hair. Everyone’s skin and hair are different, and some may be more sensitive to certain smells and products.

Always tailor your health products to your liking, so new problems don’t arise. You must take this one step at a time and practice your patience to get a beautiful result.




Although it is a good idea to refrain from shaving your beard during the healing process, it is essential to remember to trim your beard so it can begin to shape to your desire.

It can prevent split ends and unmanageable hair while slowly evening out the patches. Invest in some Stainless Steel Scissors for hair.


  • Brush & Comb: Invest in a beard comb and brush; this will help blood circulation, increase the volume of patches, and keep it looking neat and maintained. You can go to the barber so they can start you off with shaping and maintenance, but it is a good idea to continue on our own once you are comfortable.
  • Beard Balm: I have read some reviews about using beard balm, I would recommend using shea butter to lock in the moisture although the carrier oils are already good at doing that. It is your preference.
  • Beard Length: Trimming your beard also depends on the length that you desire. If you are looking to have a long wizard beard, do not trim so much off each time. If you want a small or medium-sized beard trim a little more off. Don’t forget to keep it in style and shape you desire; this will manipulate your hair to grow the direction you want.
  • Attraction & Confidence: Taking care of your body and facial hair is attractive to many women, and it shows that you care about yourself and the life you are living. Women like a man who is determined and driven, but they also love when a man cares about taking care of their physique and mental health.
  • It can also affect your social life and status if you surround yourself with people who want to achieve the same as you. It will inspire you to continue your journey. Try convincing your friends to join you on this challenge to better your physical and mental health.







Business World: It can also attract people in the business world, you will begin to meet like-minded colleagues and peers that acknowledge your appearance and the way you handle yourself. These small changes can lead to many successes in life.

When we are confident, it will show externally and bring an abundance of new opportunities and different ways of life. Begin the day by saying some self-affirmations to get you feeling good. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge your weaknesses and work on them; this will show a company that you can take responsibility and improve on your downfalls in life.

I know it all may seem overwhelming and like a task but our health and beauty should always be our top priority, it will make you feel good by boosting confidence and giving a beautiful, healthy glow to your melanin skin and beard!

Nevertheless, natural remedies should always be used on ebony skin and hair. Unnatural chemicals can cause long term damaging to the hair cells and the body’s Ph balance causing dry skin, acne, eczema, and extreme hair loss.

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