Steps of Growing A Beard From Scratch for Black Men

Steps of Growing A Beard From Scratch for Black Men

A well-trimmed beard looks appealing and also shows the effort put in to maintain it. Moreover, if you are black man there are lots of challenges you must have faced as compared to other men.

It is really difficult for black men to manage and groom their beard as it is comparatively harder. Thus, if you are black, there are some tips that you need to keep in mind. These tips will be of immense help to all those who are interested to grow their beard.



  • Regular washing of beard


It is very important to wash your beard at least once in a week. If you are in a profession wherein regular washing is needed you need to wash it as often as possible. By doing this you are taking proper care of your beard and are also maintaining the hygiene level. Lot of factors affect the proper growth of beard like the pollution and the food one eats. So, eat food that is rich in nutrients and helps support black men beard growth.

  • Wash With Beard Wash

If anyone washes the beard with either regular body wash or hair shampoo it might damage the hair. These products basically remove all the required essential oils from the beard. Thus, it is always better that you use beard wash that is meant specifically for conditioning the beard and cleaning it. Your sole purpose should be to deeply cleanse your beard for the overall healthy growth of your beard.

  • Patience ? Very Important For Proper Beard Growth


In case if you have never grown your beard you need to wait at least six weeks in order to grow it. One needs to know that the growth of beard is half an inch in one month. The beard might seem to be irregular and you might see some patches. Do not worry as after few weeks your beard will get normal. Some men face itching in the beard which is quite normal. Do not take too much tension and let it grow on its own. You will need to have some patience as the thick beard is not something that you will get overnight.

  • Keep Beard Fully Moisturized


It is very important to keep your hair moist. For this you need get regular oiling done. Use high-quality oil so that it promotes hair growth. You can apply balms that are meant specifically for beard. A good balm will always help in locking the moisture present in the beard. If you will regularly apply balm or oil it will help in keeping the beard soft and hydrated for the entire day.

  • Maintain Healthy Diet


According to the well known dietician registered with The American Dietetic Association named Jim White the overall condition of the facial hair is dependent on health of the entire body. In order to boost the overall growth of hair Omega 3 Fatty Acids plays a vital role. Omega 3 Fatty Acids include salmon, walnuts, flaxseed oil etc. Protein containing food like eggs, fish and chicken are also equally essential.

To improve the underneath skin you need to take foods that are rich in Vitamin A namely sweet potatoes, squash, spinach. Intake of Vitamins E and C plays an important role in keeping the skin as well as hair properly hydrated. Peanut butter, fruits and broccoli contain good amount of Vitamin E and C.

  • How To Not Break Out When Growing A Beard For Black Men


There are chances that there might be lot of break out when growing a beard and that too in black men. In order to avoid this, one need to use a mild facial cleanser in order to keep the skin as well as beard properly cleaned. Black men also need to moisturize the skin so that there is no problem in hair growth. Proper care will never be a hindrance in hair growth.

  • Drink Good Amount of Water Daily

drinking waterDrinking water keeps you hydrated and this leads to proper blood circulation and flow. If the blood flow is great it surely helps in ensuring that the skin is getting all the vital nutrients that are required. Thus, it is very important to drink lot of water on daily basis.

  • Avoid Stress


There is a decrease in testosterone level and this is due to stress. So you need to lead a stress free life in order to promote the hair growth. Testosterone plays an important role and helps in proper beard growth. If there is lot of stress it will restrict the delivery of required nutrients to the follicles of hair. Thus, stress slows the beard grown to a larger extent. So, try to stay away from all the friends and relatives who bring stress in your life.

  • Use Branded Products


You need to buy branded products like beard wash, beard balm, beard oil, beard brush and beard comb so that you are able to take proper care. Black men can also buy proper grooming kit. This kit has all the things that are important for proper grooming. Moreover, it is equally important that you do not use any product after the expiry date.


If black men will keep all the important tips in mind it will surely help them in growing their beard fast. You can also suggest these tips for beard growth to your friends as well. Brushing the beard at least two times in a day is very important as it untangles the beard hair. Moreover, it is a personal choice to keep the beard long or short. Some prefer long

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