Washing, Shampoo & Conditioning Your Beard & Hair for Black Men

beard shampoo for black men

In this new post, we break down the facts on Washing, Shampoo & Conditioning Beard & Hair for Black Men. It’s our goal to give you all the insight you need for amazing facial hair.


Black men beards usually possess hair that is thick, coarse and normally curvy. Their hair is tightly coiled increasing all probability of more ingrown hair. As such for this peculiar facial hair type, special care needs to be taken. If you are one of those blessed men with this unique hair type, this post is for you.

The key to keeping your beard hair good is proper hygiene and a regular wash is one of the best ways to ensure that but again it is important to know how soon and how often you must do that. This depends on a few things that we will try to list.

If you follow the few things that we are listing here, which are kind of basic guidelines you will be able to keep your beard soft and shiny.



How Often Should A Black Man Wash His Beard

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The general rule of thumb for washing and shampooing your beard is 1-2x per week.

The basic idea is to ensure that you are washing your beard enough and often to prevent it from smelling out of accumulated dirt and dust.

Keep in mind the following factors to determine the frequency of your wash. These are the tricks how black men make their sleak beards.


Skin Type


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Based on your skin type you might have to start washing your beard more than once a week. Different skin types will have to be treated differently.

If your skin is oily, you will need to frequently wash your beard or even daily to prevent the build-up of excess oil in the pores, which can cause acne or beardruff.

If you have dry skin, make it a point to wash your beard every two or three days to avoid further drying up of your skin.

And if you have the skin of the third type where you have oily as well as dry parts, you need to make sure you wash your beard every second day.

Hair Texture and Type

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The type of beard hair is also a determinant of how often you should wash your hair. Why don?t more black men make have long beards? That’s because most of them have a coarse and rigid kind of hair it tends to get dry. And if your hair is on a curlier side it gets even worse. The best thing is to watch your hair and wash your hair whenever there is a need. Avoid delaying it to an extent where you start developing an itch beneath it. The best practice is to wash your beard every three days or whenever you feel the need.

If you are of the thin hair types though, then the chances of your hair getting greasier are more with all the dirt and dust sticking to your beard. Wash your beard daily for a fuller and fluffier look. Daily washing works best when you have a patchy kind of a beard, making your beard look full and nicely spread.

Environmental Factors


Your geographical location has a direct impact on your beard healthy and the overall moisture levels of your hair.

If you are in a region where the climate is predominantly dry, your skin and subsequently your beard will lack all the essential moisture. In these kinds of climatic conditions, it is recommended to allow for the oil in the skin to build up for a couple of days to keep it naturally hydrated and then when you wash, follow the wash with a conditioner. Consider using beard oil to replenish the lost moisture and lock the moisture using a beard balm.

If you are in a wet climate, the conditions are apt for good skin health and beard. High humidity keeps your hair and skin soft and supplies smooth. But too much of everything is bad. And your beard is no exception. Too much moisture can lead to a build-up of microorganisms and associated skin inflammation and acne. As such, wash your hair with a shampoo and apply conditioner followed by beard oil to restore the moisture.

Because of difficult environmental factors and other reasons is why don’t more black men have long beards.


Washing, Shampoo & Conditioning Your Beard & Hair for Black Men 1


If you are an athlete or a sportsperson and are often sweating too hard and too often, you should consider washing your beard almost every day if your skin can tolerate it. That’s because the dirt and sweat and lead to skin issues such as acne if not kept checked regularly.

This also depends on your occupation. If you are involved in a job where you are involved in sweaty activities, your beard is bound to trap all the sweat and dirt. As such, it becomes important to shampoo your beard daily to prevent clogging of pores and subsequent acne issues.

So you now know how black men make their beards sleak.

A few things to consider

Washing, Shampoo & Conditioning Your Beard & Hair for Black Men 2

Now that you are fairly aware of when and how frequently your beards are to be washed, you need to take care of a few things too. Make sure that you do not use any product such as a soap with harsh ingredients that can take all the moisture away from your beard. Use a shampoo designed especially for your beard and follow it up with a proper beard conditioner and seal it with a beard balm.

Apart from that, make sure you are not using hot water to wash your beard. Indulge in that good feeling while washing it with some warm water. And while finishing up a splash of cold water to seal the moisture.


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