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What Are Black men Doing To Keep Beards Dark?

Having a nice beard is classy. It is trendy for an African American man but it may quickly become a problem if not taken care of. There are a lot of efficient methods to moisturize and maintain your goatee or mustache, and real men know what they’re doing. What are the Hollywood stars doing, what are the products they use, what are their secrets?

So, you may be wondering what black men doing to keep beards dark are??… Essential natural products are where the journey starts:

Beard Dye:

One of the most common solutions for keeping your facial hair dark is having items like bigen beard dye. It’s really affordable and comes in various color ranges to match all African American hair textures.

Beard oil

Beard oil is the number 1 product used to take care of the hair on your face. Whether you wear a 3-day beard, a short beard, a long beard, or a hipster beard, it’s an absolute must-have for any African American man. All beard loving man has this product at hand in the bathroom and uses it first thing in the morning.

Beard oil helps soften your hair and skin and prevents unpleasant itching. Applied daily on your dry face, it leaves a feeling of well-being and releases a delightful perfume. The great news? It’s inexpensive to have it at your disposal at all times. To have a beautiful beard use this oil without reserves!

Organic beard shampoo

Facial hair on your cheeks and neck is not the same as our scalp hair. The temptation to wash your beard with the same shampoo as our hair is big, but it’s a bad idea. A good practice is to avoid doing this because you may dry out and irritate your skin.

There are special beard shampoos that are specifically made to wash your face and beard gently. Made of organic natural extracts like olive oil, your beard shampoo will moisturize and purify your skin and soften your hair while also delicately perfuming it. This is an excellent beard treatment for people with goatees.

Beard mask

Once applied on a clean and dry beard, you wait for about ten minutes, and then you go wash and rinse. Once your hair is well rinsed, you will be surprised by the incredible softness of your beard. This is one of the secrets that Hollywood starts to know but never speak of. Even more, it’s the best beard maintenance for African American men because of their special skin tone.

This high-end man care is a must to nourish your hair in depth and strengthen it from the root to the tip. Gift yourself this moment of pleasure 1 to 2 times a week, and finish the process with an application of aromatic oil. Your wife or girlfriend will not be able to resist you!

If you want a black health beard, then this is the best product to get!

Organic face soap

Simple and practical, the daily use of a natural soap allows you to clean your beard quickly. This will clean your beard and skin without attacking the epidermis with chemicals. Just apply it on your wet beard and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Organic soap is naturally moisturizing. You can use it in the morning when you wake up or at bedtime. It leaves your skin more supple and relaxed. This also avoids the feeling of a scratchy beard.

A good beard brush

What Are Black men Doing To Keep Beards Dark

It’s not a product, but an essential accessory to maintain your beard if you are an African American man. Choose a brush that is made of wild boar hair, because it smoothes your hair the best and makes it ready for applying the oil. It also doesn’t cause static electricity.

Brushing your beard will also help remove all the small dead skin parts that are hiding and resemble dandruff. This is also a nice trick that beard men are doing to keep their beards dark.

Keeping It DARK!

dark facial hair

1. Washing and cleansing

During cleansing, put soap or beard shampoo in your hands and massage your wet beard deeply, to remove dead skin and dandruff. Rinse your beard with warm water, and enjoy this relaxation time.

2. Drying

Finally, you have to dry your beard with a towel by gently tapping (do not rub because you’ll damage your skin). You can also use a hairdryer, but be careful: Keep it at a safe distance!

3. Brushing

Brushing the beard is a crucial step to having a beautiful dark beard! That’s why all African American bearded men should brush every day and with the right accessory. Brushing your beard daily helps to untangle your beard and prevents the formation of knots. Regular brushing also increases the blood flow to the hair follicle (the cavity in which the hair is born) to promote growth.

The golden rule of brushing the beard?


For a soft and neat looking beard, brush your beard gently in the direction of the hair. Avoid brushing or combing your beard when wet; this is the best way to weaken and damage it! When getting out of the shower, for example, make sure your beard is dry.

4. Applying beard oils and moisturizers

Beard oil is THE product that all bearded man should have at home! The beard requires a minimum of maintenance if you want it to make you feel good! It must, therefore, be nourished and moisturized, and for this, there’s nothing better than a natural/organic oil. Why go for organic? Because they are made of natural plant oils that are rich in vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the proper growth of your beard. Beard oil will nourish, soften, and naturally moisturize your beard and skin so that it is softer and silkier while leaving a pleasant perfume.

For optimal efficiency, use beard oil before going to bed to allow time for deep action. Our skin and beards are affected by our environment: tobacco, alcohol, pollution, sun, and so on. Using a beard balm to re-hydrate the skin under the beard is a best practice.


Beard care is vital. African American men will find great advice in the above guide, as these are the essential things that beard men are doing to keep their beards dark and healthy. Oil, shampoo, mask, soap, balm, and combing are the key. Do not ignore daily maintenance, and your beard will look at Hollywood grade in no time!

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