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Why Black Men Shouldn’t Cut Their Beards?


Most black people are brought up in a society that discourages the growing of beards. This is because these societies have different myths about men growing beards. For this reason, they think that a man who does not shave their beards should not be respected because they feel that they are dangerous.



  1. Beards prevent you from bacterial diseases.

Beards prevent you from bacterial diseases

One of the main reasons why black men shouldn’t cut their beards is because beards prevent them from bacterial diseases. For this reason, one’s health is always boosted. Most people think that this is a perception but it is a fact. This happens in a number of ways which include:

Preventing you from airborne bacteria.

There are so many bacteria that enter through your mouth down the throat to your lungs. These bacteria will then bring bacterial infections to these parts. However, with the beards, they will prevent the airborne bacteria and other pollutants from passing through your mouth by filtering them, thereby preventing you from bacterial diseases. This boosts your health conditions, thereby keeping you healthy.

It reduces the chances of gum disease.

Another disease that is caused by bacterial infection is gum disease. This is because the bacteria enter through your mouth and then react with the food remains in the mouth, causing the tooth decays and also tooth cavities. With time this results to gum disease. For this reason, the black men shouldn’t cut their beards to prevent any infection of the gum diseases by preventing the airborne bacteria from entering through the mouth to the teeth.

  1. The beards ensure that the face is moisturized.


The other reason why black men shouldn’t cut their beards is that the beards prevent their faces from becoming dry. When you talk to many black men, they will tell you that they do not apply lotion or oil in their faces. For this reason, there are times when their faces are dry, making them look for ways to maintain their faces moisturized. However, if they do not cut their beards, their faces will never lose the moisture in them even when the temperatures are very high.

Cutting the beards, on the other hand, exposes the pores on their skin, thereby making it easy for the skin to become dry. To ensure that the face is always moisturized, it is advisable that the black men should avoid at all costs cutting their beards.


  1. Beards make black men look masculine.


Many people want to be associated with masculine men. One of the most natural ways of gaining masculinity is by growing your beards. For black men, being masculine is one of their dreams. This is why most men go to gyms for different exercises. However, instead of going through much hassle to become muscular, black men shouldn?t cut their beards because beards make them look masculine ad intimidating. The more and longer the beards you grow, the more masculine you become.


  1. To reduce the risks of skin cancer.

In the recent past, the populations of the black men who have been diagnosed with skin cancer have greatly increased. This is because their skin on the face has been exposed to the ultraviolet rays from the sun, thereby affecting the skin. Some researchers have reported that one of the reasons why the skin cancer has affected so many black men is because these black men are shaving their beards. Black men shouldn?t shave their beards since they prevent the skin from being exposed to the ultraviolet rays from the sun that causes skin cancer.

  1. Beards prevent one from getting too many wrinkles.


When many black men begin to get old, their faces start to show very many signs of aging. One of the signs of aging in black men is having so many wrinkles. When you compare the wrinkles on the faces of the black men who cut their beards with the men who do not cut their beards, you will realize that the wrinkles are more on the faces of the men who cut their beards. This is because when you shave your beards, your face will be exposed to the sun and hence it becomes dry making the face to shrink and with time, wrinkles begin to form. However, this does not mean that when you grow your beards, you will not get the wrinkles as you age, but the wrinkles will not be that much. Growing the beards will prevent these aging signs from being evident, making this another reason why black men shouldn?t cut their beards.


  1. The beards keep the face warm even when it is cold.


People say that the more the hair you grow in your body, the more you feel warm. For this reason, the more you grow beards on your face, the more your face becomes warmer, even when the temperatures are low. For this reason, when it is cold, the beards will keep you warm, thereby preventing you from the diseases that are caused by cold. Since there are so many diseases that are affecting the black men as a result of low temperatures, they shouldn?t cut their beards since they will keep them warm in the time of coldness.

In conclusion, growing beards or cutting them is a decision that you should make on your own. However, beards are also essential and shouldn’t be cut.

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