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5 Secret Reasons Why Women Love Black Men with Beards

5 Reasons Why Women Love Black Men with Beards


We are going to break down the top 5 reasons why women love black men with beards. We have received a few requests for this post, so to our pleasure it is finally completed. This article is written from the actual perspective of a African woman so take note guys.

There’s something unique about a sexy, bearded man. Every November, men grow out their beards to raise cancer awareness. This brings us to the question, why do black women droll over men with beards? According to modern science, women love men with facial hair because of their masculine features. Here are 5 reasons why women love black men with beards.

1. It’s A Sign of Patience


Men who decide to grow beards must pass through awkward moments until the beard is fully grown. Since the beard doesn’t grow overnight, one must be very patient. Some men quickly give up when they realize they have ugly patches, unsightly bald spots, and facial rashes as they grow the beard.

This can continue for a couple of months before they nurture a full-grown beard. Only the brave can persevere through the rough experience.

Black women know that patience is a virtue when starting a serious relationship. A man should be patient to be able to deal with the emotions of the partner. Keep in mind that a man should control the inner urge and avoid saying anything that could ruin the relationship.

To put it succinctly, a relationship requires compromises and patience when both parties are involved. Women who pick bearded men can be sure the man will be patient to grow the relationship.

2. Growing a Beard Shows Commitment, Respect, And Masculinity

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Women love their hirsute hanks because they are cautious about their looks. A beard requires special care and shows commitment. Men must take care of the necessary actions to ensure they are well-groomed. Just like our body hair, beards should be trimmed regularly. What’s more, they require special attention like conditioning.

This explains why black women are attracted to such men when seeking a lifetime partner. They believe that a man who looks clean will commit to a serious relationship.

Also, if we look at the most influential people in history they had beards as a sign of sovereignty. Historical figures like Ernest Hemingway and Abraham Lincoln are considered some of the `manliest men? who ever lived. Their respect and lifelong achievements are emulated by many.

These men could handle just about any situation without fear. Women admire men who take the time to keep their beards neat. When you date such men, your male friends will respect you. Experts believe a beard can give a man a sense of power and is evident from some of the successful individuals in society. Of course, men respect their peers who keep the beards well-maintained all the time.

A beard leaves the impression of being strong, tough, and reliable. If you’re a woman pursuing a relationship with a man, you want someone committed to a serious relationship. When you choose to pursue a relationship with a bearded man, you’ll feel shielded at all times. Picking a man with facial hair is a step closer to achieving your feminine goals.

3. Shows A Timeless Classy Look

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Your bearded boyfriend will always look classy when you?re with other women. The jealous look you receive shows that you snatched a spice. The old-school look is a distinguished follower – it’s what every woman dreams of.

Ladies prefer a man who takes her out to a fine restaurant and invests all the time before moving the relationship to the next level. Whenever you go for a bearded man, he will have that classy look other women admire him for.


If you want to feel special all the time, pick the perfect gentleman. Secondly, black women like men who appear sexy and mysterious. After all, they love partners who try something risky, unusual, or new. Men who take a drastic change to their appearance will always stand out from the crowd. Some women can?t resist the perseverance and courage of maintaining a beard.


Men who care about their overall appearance will go for the best products for black men with beards like luxury scrubs, exfoliators, bread balms, and other skin care products. If you date a bearded man, you don?t have to worry about cosmetics when you stay over in his place.

4. Feel Great To Touch


Most women feel the irresistible urge to play with a man’s beard. The tickly feeling can be compared to playing with a fluffy puppy. When you kiss a man with a beard, your skin will get an exfoliating massage which feels incredible. Besides that, women feel that kissing a man with a beard as an arousing sexy experience. Of course, he will enjoy it when you run the fingers through the beard.


5. Men with Beards Are Healthier?


Truth be told, every woman wants a healthy man beside her. Naturally, the beard will protect the face from weather conditions like cold, rain, heat, or frost. Therefore, men with beards are less likely to suffer the repercussions of Melanoma and UV light.

According to modern science, a beard can block up to 90% of the harmful UV rays. This means that bearded men age slowly and have a lower risk of developing skin cancer. It?s worth mentioning that a beard will keep a man?s face warm during the chilly months.

Other than that, a beard acts as a natural filter for pollen and helps to trap the microscopic allergens from getting in the mouth or nose. Finally, growing a beard reduces the risk of developing skin problems like acne. Excessive shaving leads to flaking which is associated with skin dryness. When a woman chooses a bearded man, she doesn?t have to worry about him getting sick.

What Percentage of Black men Can’t Grow Beards?

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Not all men are prepared to take this visual shift. It?s estimated that 83% of black men shave the beard. Some men are perennially teased for their inability to grow a dense bush of facial hair. This is the foremost indicator of masculinity.

While there are many reasons to stop a black man from growing a beard, most of it has something to do with genetics. If your great-grandfather had a beard, chances are that you can grow a beard. Sometimes, men get eager to shave too soon. This is because of the itch, especially if they are growing the beard for the first time.


Final thoughts

From the above information, you have every reason to date a man with a beard. Facial hair gives a man a unique style, shows commitment, reliability, emits confidence, and makes him stand from the crowd. So the next time you’re asked out by a man with a beard, give it a try. He could be the man of your dreams.

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